Robyn’s Final Thoughts

In last place I hate to say it because their gravy was phenomenal (I’m still having dreams about it) but it goes to High Tide. The burger was dry and the spinach was a bit odd, it was still a very tasty burger, just not as amazing as my other 4 choices.

4th place will be the Griffin Pub. This burger was absolutely MASSIVE. It was so full of delicious toppings, but with all those toppings came a lot of moisture, which made the bun soggy .

3rd place will be Match. This burger was just your average burger. It was tasty, it had all the typical toppings, it wasn’t anything spectacular.

2nd place (almost 1st place) is George’s. This burger feels like being a kid. It tasted like a ball park or a hockey game. It was grilled right in front of me by a wonderful man who I was happy to support. It was an incredible price and tasted delicious, but it just wasn’t a full meal.

1st place is my hometown THE FANNY BAY INN!! I couldn’t be happier to give my winning burger to the Fanny bay inn. This burger was cooked wonderfully, it had real cheese, and an incredible bun!! Congrats to the Fanny bay inn, I’m excited to see how it holds up in the final round !!

Aces Roofing is proud to sponsor this local initiative and looks forward to the final judging event.

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