Leslie’s Final Thoughts

The top was Black Fin 9/10 Fresh and Fab. TimberRoom with an 8/10 but would be better if they put sauce on the bun. I’d prefer a slightly bigger patty. As the TimberRoom is known for its Alberta beef.

Next would be Rickys my rating is 8/10! It is a classic burger at a family-friendly restaurant It’s tasty.

Next would be McDonald’s a 6/10 Simple, tasty but with that chemical flavour and it’s fast food so it’s kinda meh. However, this particular time that Bic Mac looked as good as the advertising and it tasted as good.

White spot last place 5/10 … maybe because it was a takeaway order?… I really don’t know why. Nothing on that burger looked appetizing and its taste reflected that. The patty itself wasn’t terrible but the overall presentation left a lot to be desired

Aces Roofing is proud to sponsor this local initiative and looks forward to the final judging event.

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