Lara’s Final Thoughts

Gah, top was Cornerstone 9/10 but they changed their menu so it’s out of the competition. 0/10.

Atlas wins with an 8/10 but would be better if the patty fit the bun better and I’d prefer a slightly firmer patty.

Next would be The Waverly. I change my rating to a 7/10. It’s tasty but again, those garden patties aren’t super tasty on their own, whereas Atlas and Cornerstone’s patties would be good all by themselves.

Next would be A&W, a 5.5/10. Simple, tasty but with that chemical flavour and it’s fast food so it’s kinda meh. 

Last place is Mudsharks. 5/10. Changed rating because on further reflection it was too dry and sat horribly. The patty itself wasn’t terrible but overall presentation left a lot to be desired.

Aces Roofing is proud to sponsor this local initiative and looks forward to the final judging event.

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