Fiberglass laminated shingles

Fiberglass laminated shingles are a common roofing material currently used on the West Coast.

These products come with a Manufacturers Warranty commonly ranging from 30 years to a limited lifetime, making them an attractive product to homeowners concerned about to the longevity of their roof.

‘Organic’ shingles are regular asphalt shingles — the same petroleum-based shingles that have been on the market for decades. The reason asphalt shingles are now being called organic is because there’s a new kid on the block: fibreglass shingles.

Most organic shingles have a layer of non-synthetic materials underneath the asphalt and granules, usually recycled newspaper and cardboard.

Fiberglass shingles feature a mat that is made of wet fiberglass held together with a urea-formaldehyde resin. The mat is soaked with asphalt filled with mineral fillers, which makes it waterproof.  The layer of glass fibre makes fibreglass shingles absorb less moisture and be more resistant to heat, which increases their durability in warm climates.  They’re also more fire-resistant than organic.

Laminated or architectural shingles are thicker, making them more durable than regular asphalt shingles.