Fall and Winter PROMOTION

Fall has settled into the Comox Valley which means a few things... rain, wind, and more rain. For most of us, our roofs do a great job of sheltering us from the elements, but for others, the elements bring forth some problems.

If your roof is tired, don’t be afraid to replace it in the fall and winter months! Many homeowners think that they only have a short window to replace their roof (which is during the summer) but that is untrue. At Aces Roofing, we have several tricks up our sleeves to ensure your roof stays dry, sealed, and protected throughout the whole installation process.

We are offering a 10% discount off all new roof installations between October 2018 and February 2019! Now is the time to get that replacement done, save some money, and have peace of mind.

Also, ask us how our seniors discount could save you even more money!