Erik’s Final Thoughts

It was a very hard decision and don’t wish it on anyone the ones that I got to choose from. My top 3 are all contenders for the best burger in the valley I believe and was definitely a hard choice but here goes it.

#1 goes to the top burger from Fluid Bar & Grill. The flavors and freshness of everything was unmatched and happy with that choice.

#2 goes to Triple Os which was also fresh and tasteful.

#3 Goes to Fatburger and with such a junior crew and for the short amount of time they have been in the Valley are doing an amazing job and a definite contender.

#4 Jo Klassens which also did a great job on the burger unfortunately wasn’t my favorite among the rest of the heavy hitters I got the privilege of reviewing.

#5 Finally is Whistle Stop the burger was good but again not compared to the top 3 I had.

Also I am going to tell you I had the same toppings for the most part on all 5 of my burgers to I was comparing them all the same. All were Cheddar and Bacon burgers except for Jo Klassens it was a cheddar burger but still really good. I am looking forward to bringing Fluid Bar and Grills Cheddar and Bacon burger to the final for the head judges to compare against the competition. I think they will give the rest a run for their money.

Aces Roofing is proud to sponsor this local initiative and looks forward to the final judging event.

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