Changing Seasons – How’s Your Roof?

Autumn has found its way into the Comox Valley once again.

Coloured leaves, declining temperatures, crackling fireplaces, and knit sweaters are all the norm this time of year. As you admire the changes around you, don’t forget to watch for the changes in your roof. There are a number of telltale signs that it is nearing the end of its life, and it’s important to know what to look for.

For shingle roofs you want to look for cracks, the edges of them curling up, discolouration, missing granules, and missing shingles altogether. Any time the shingle is compromised, the roof is more likely to leak and it can cause significant water damage. Moss is another pesky problem that you want to keep an eye on. Apart from a cosmetic standpoint, moss holds a lot of moisture that can eventually damage the layers of the shingles and the granules on top of them, significantly decreasing the life span of your roof.

Torch on flat roofs have different ways of showing wear. You want to keep an eye on things if you notice any cracks, bubbles, damaged flashing, or water damage in the attic. If there are any flashing problems where it’s coming up or isn’t secured properly, water can get underneath and cause damage to the plywood, resulting in rot if it’s not dealt with.

For metal roofs, watch for degradation of the roof coating, lifting of the panels at overlapping edges, and rust spots. Rust at the overlapping edges creates weak spots for water and wind, and makes the roof prone to leaking. You want to look for leaks in specific areas like the seams, ridge caps, vents, flashing, and fasteners.

Cedar Shake roofs have several warning signs. Keep an eye on shakes that are splitting, cupping, warping, or fraying, as they are all signs of natural wear and tear. Shakes can crack or split as a result of the wood expanding and contracting over time due to changing weather and temperatures. Fraying is caused when the roof doesn’t see much sunlight and the moisture doesn’t dry out completely, resulting in rotten shakes.

As we inevitably head into the stormy season, we hope you don’t have any surprises with your roof. Whether it’s for peace of mind, addressing a few concerns, or deciding you need a new roof installed, don’t hesitate to call us at 250-334-2667. Our knowledgeable team will provide a free estimate with answers to all of your questions, no matter what the project is.